Wicked Dark of Night 21″ Feather Wreath The Holiday Aisle

onerepublic-dreaming-out-loud-album-cover.jpgSomeplace in amongst The Cure and U2 lies OneRepublic. An anthemic rock band from Colorado Springs (insert requisite comparisons to The Fray here).

Lead feather wreath by singer/pianist/producer Ryan Tedder and lead guitarist Zach Filkins, OneRepublic’s newest album shows that some fantastic wicked dark can come from MySpace. OneRepublic’s alternative pop/rock style meshes properly and will undboutedly make the “road-trip” cut. Dreaming Out Loud includes the remix of ‘Apologize’, a Timbaland The Holiday Aisle developed song awarded UK’s most common radio song in history.

Expense: dark of night $11 @ Amazon | $10 @ iTunes

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