Richland Upholstered Standard Bed Brayden Studio


It’s been awhile since our hands-on assessment of the Nikon D3000 and like any budding weekend photographer, we’ve managed to assemble a smaller arsenal of accessories. If you’re nevertheless on the lookout for a camera bag to residence your prized possessions even though, contemplate the Incase Sling Pack for DSLR

The Incase Sling Pack for DSLR is made from durable climate resistant nylon and is the camera loving cousin of their messenger bags. The Sling Pack’s main compartment adjusts comfortably to hold the D3000 with Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G lens mounted, the common kit lens, and flash with pockets to spare for chargers, cords, batteries, additional memory cards.

On the shoulder, the Incase Sling Brayden Studio Pack for upholstered standard bed DSLR sits securely on your back with a padded adjustable strap. When you swing the bag around to whip out your rig, the zippered side comes up richland upholstered standard to you and zips out of your way for easy access. A different huge plus is the bag doesn’t look like a camera bag either creating you much less visible to thieves than folks who carry obvious camera bags. Also at $80, the Incase Sling Pack for DSLR is pretty cost-effective. Leaving you more dollars to devote on that arsenal of accessories, like the Noktor Hyperprime 50mm.

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