Richburg 8 Drawer Double Dresser with Mirror Latitude Run

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There’s a race that you could or could not know of. It’s a 320 nautical mile ski race to the Magnetic North Pole. It’s referred to as the Polar Challenge, and it’s a grueling test of cold weather stamina and human achievement.

But today’s post isn’t about the Polar Challenge. It’s about an Arctic Truck, or specifically the Toyota Hilux (the U.S. Toyota Tacoma’s European equivalent). In 2007, the car or truck challenge mavens at BBC’s Leading Gear teamed up Latitude Run with conversion professionals Arctic Trucks to create a car that could take on the Polar Challenge, by car – pitting itself against a proven technique: dog sled. It’s a video worth watching (we’ve got it just after the jump). Even even though it’s unlikely you’ll get your self to the Magnetic North Pole anytime quickly, that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the exciting yourself.

Iceland based Arctic Trucks specializes in truck conversions (Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan) of the purposeful meets intense assortment. Taking a regular pickup, they set up 40 mm suspension lifts to accommodate the 35″ tires mounted on 17″ wheels. To stay clear of any “skateboarding effect” (tires Latitude Run wider than the fenders), Arctic Trucks also installs unmistakably wide colour-keyed fender flares. The conversion also contains running boards, mud flaps, a re-calibrated speedometer, fire extinguisher, initial help kit, and a wheel alignment. Latitude Run The complete package delivers its owner with a hugely capable terrain crossing transport. drawer double dresser Superior ground clearance, much better traction, higher seating, and utility.

The Toyota in this article’s pictures are the Hilux developed for the Leading Gear challenge. Naturally Arctic circumstances imply additional modifications and there’s absolutely no shortage of modification goodness right here. 50 mm suspension lift, 38 inch snow studded tires, 180 liter diesel fuel tank, coolant & fuel temperature heaters, cold-ready front & rear differential locks, front & rear bull bars, KC xenon spotlights, African outback carrying case, Garmin GPS, Iridium satellite telephone, VHF radios, on-board cameras (this was for a Television show after all), auxiliary electric method, and a plethora of survival gear including: chain saw, shovels, crowbars, higher lift jack, tents, specialized sleeping bags, and shotguns for potential polar bear attacks.

Editor’s Note: Drool.

Expense: Varies

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