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Back in May possibly, Ben initially spoke about man’s inherent quest for improvement of the audio type by nicole end table way of his review of Aperion’s Intimus 4T Hybrid SD Technique. In Ben’s review he challenged us to locate a superior performing technique for below $1,600. Constantly up for a challenge, this editor embarked on a different Breakwater Bay variety of quest for audio improvement, 1 much less about maintaining up with the Joneses and a lot more about sticking it to them.

What follows is a how-to manual that will empower you to do just that.

Soon after extensive investigation and a couple of recommendations, we settled on AV123. Founded by Mark L. Schifter, a extended-time veteran in the audio community (who also previously founded Audio Alchemy and Perpetual Technologies), AV123 is a single of the very first online direct audio providers and is primarily based in Colorado.

You’ll be tough pressed to uncover a better sounding technique at this value range

AV123 provides many speaker series at distinct price points so, we asked Mr. Schifter himself for a couple of ideas. We sooner or later settled on the 5.1 X-Statik package which includes the X-Statik, X-Voce, nicole end table and X-Omni along with their infamous MFW-15 subwoofer. A reasonable decision, considering the boss man himself listens to X-Statiks Breakwater Bay at home.

When nicole end table the speakers arrived at our Memphis office a few weeks later, just seeing the boxes was an nicole end table impressive web page to behold. The boxes together weighted almost a ¼ ton and posed a daunting task of finding them up the stairs with no crushing any individual or something. Not to mention that unboxing and setting up the set offered an added workout as each and every speaker came double boxed, wrapped in cotton speaker socks, and nicole end table amply padded to defend the speakers from postal abuse.

AV123 X-Statik and X-Voce Speakers


The X-Statik and X-Voce are both open baffle loudspeakers. For these of you who are not familiar, an open baffle loudspeaker fundamentally allows the speakers to breathe in the Breakwater Bay space around them as an alternative of letting the cabinet dictate the sound. In addition to creating my Television appear extremely compact, sitting in front of them tends to make you believe you are about to get blown away with sound like the old Memorex commercial. Nonetheless that blast by no means comes as the Breakwater Bay matching open baffle design creates a seamless blend of Breakwater Bay audio perfection and envelopes you in sound.

AV123 X-Omni Speakers


The Breakwater Bay X-Omni is not your typical speaker either. The woofer is mounted on Prime and fires up. This position creates a soundstage that fills the area with omnidirectional sound. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the Razer Mako System, but opposite. You can effortlessly use them as a stand-alone pair but they also perform incredibly nicely as rear speakers too. The nicole end table best aspect of this speaker is that they’re a really forgiving speaker meaning they sound fantastic almost anyplace you spot them. Not to mention the sound stays consistent as you move from one side of the space to a further. No more fighting over the sweet spot.

AV123MFW-15 Subwoofer

av123-mfw-subwoofer-gear-patrolWeighing in at 125 lbs, the MFW-15 is not a subwoofer you really should take lightly. Puns aside, the MFW-15 is a beast waiting to be unleashed. Powered by a custom developed 350-watt amplifier, this sub doesn’t just go boom. It hits the low frequencies that’ll shake the space and have your neighbor filing a noise complaint. Breakwater Bay The MFW-15 is not a one particular-dimensional house theater sub either. It Breakwater Bay handles jazz and classical tunes effortlessly with clarity and finesse and does not bury your favorite tracks with bass. AV123 also leaves the controls in a convenient spot for uncomplicated adjustments. The most effective element about the MFW-15 even though is that they come in Breakwater Bay duals.

Testing Factors Out

To test the setup’s musical capabilities, we played Gear Patrol’s Best 10 Vital Jazz Albums, Type of Blue by Miles Davis. The sound is balanced and overall pretty neutral, a good thing. The speakers do an exceptional job at playing a wide spectrum really evenly so when Miles rips into a trumpet solo, the sound is crisp and clear as if you were sitting in the front row of a smoky jazz bar watching him and the rest of the band on-stage playing reside. Just put, the soundstage is wonderful.

As great as this technique is for listening to music, dwelling theater is where it literally blew us away nicole end table and left us sitting with a silly grin. As substantial fans of high-definition, we chose none other than Star Trek on Blu-ray for our initial testing purposes. In the theatre, the suspense had us on the edge of our seats but the audio just didn’t pretty match the visual. At property, the open baffle style of the X-Statik and X-Voce paired with X-Omni in the rear together build an audio encounter that far surpasses that of the theater. You can audibly track the photon torpedoes as they zip across the screen. Finest of all, the explosions have been robust and Breakwater Bay potent and left your windows rattling. It had the sort of thump that created our nicole end table preceding 10” woofer appear like an oversized paper weight.

With the existing holiday specific, the X-Statik five. method comes to you at $800 off and below Ben’s $1,600 cap. Mission achieved. Here’s a single to stickin’ it to the Joneses, Bowers. As with most web-direct organizations, you are likely not going nicole end table to be capable to demo a set locally unless you live in Colorado. For that cause, AV123 presents a 30-day dollars back satisfaction guarantee. You will be really hard pressed to come across a much better sounding program at this price range. In reality, we’re fairly confident you won’t locate 1 this great even double the price.

Price: X-Statik five. Surround Sound Speaker Technique ($1,500)

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