Montoya Coffee Table 17 Stories

zerowater-pitcherBrita’s enormous marketing budget may possibly have established the firm as the “king” of water 17 Stories filtration, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they make the greatest item. Take, ZeroWater for instance, which boldly touts the reality that its water is the only filtered water from a pitcher that meets the FDA definition for purified bottled water.

Unlike Brita, which utilizes a standard gravity-fed charcoal water filter, the ZeroWater pitcher makes montoya coffee table use of a patented 5-stage ion-exchange filter which claims to eliminate all Total Dissolved 17 Stories Solids or TDS’s from tap water. But ZeroWater doesn’t count on you just taking their word. Rather they prove the effectiveness of filter by like an independently made TDS Meter to test the high-quality of the water and evaluate it to that of other possibilities (ahem, your Brita). The exact same meter is also employed to check on the well being of the Ion filter more than time and alert drinkers when it’s time to be replaced. If you’re actually picky about your water, providing ZeroWater a shot just may be the best point to happen to your life water this year.

Expense: $35

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