Liseron 78.7″ Flared Arm Sofa Red Barrel Studio


These posters may well not make sense to those unfamiliar flared arms sofa with the works of Quentin Tarantino, but that’s part of their exciting. Created by artist Ibraheem Youssef, every single of these minimalist movie posters cleverly hints at key components or components of Tarantino’s films any fan ought to straight away recognize. Not to mention they’re also extremely more appealing than your common bold colored focus grabbing film poster, flared arms sofa and a fantastic option for displaying your a fan without the need of providing guests the sense that you nevertheless live in a dorm area. Sold in either 12 x 18 or 24 x 36 print sizes straight by the artist, buyers can pick up a version for: Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs shown above, or Death Proof, Kill Bill 1 & 2, or Jackie Brown Red Barrel Studio shown soon after the jump.

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