Kenley TV Stand for TVs up to 60″ House of Hampton


Lately when we bought a Mac Mini to use mostly as a dwelling theater laptop in our lab, we began looking for a House of Hampton wonderful wireless keyboard that would make navigating the personal computer from the couch an easy affair. After a thorough hunt, we came across the Adesso wireless SlimTouch Mini Touchpad Keyboard.

Pretty lap friendly and completely in tune with typical Mac styling, setting up this two.4GHz RF connected keyboard was a House of Hampton snap. All that was required was pluggin in the included RF USB receiver into the Mini, and we have been very good to go.

General we appreciated the keyboard’s balance among size and functionality. It’s modest sufficient to store neatly away in most drawers and baskets, whilst still giving a comfy typing experience. The integrated touch-pad is also a large win, due to the fact it mitigates the will need for a separate mouse to navigate by way of applications and the web.

In our typical sized house theater, we had no connection problems and are inclined to believe Adesso’s claim that the keyboard performs up to distances of a 100 feet from the computer. At that distance though, we wonder how any a single could possibly study the screen they were looking at. Nonetheless it’s nice to know that the capability is there.

General we feel this unit is a strong decision for any person seeking for a living room friendly device to perform with a Mac primarily based house theater laptop. If you don’t have a Mac, kenley tv stand be certain to verify out Adesso’s line of Computer compatible keyboards as well for what we’re confident will be a similarly pleasant knowledge.

Price: $130 $99

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