Hessler King Sleigh 4 Piece Bedroom Set 17 Stories


There are car fans and then there are Car Fans. For those that occur to fall into the latter bucket, Intro-Tech Automotive’s aptly named hessler king sleigh Pit Cease furnishings collection could just be the fantastic compliment to your race car or truck bed. Styled from what seems to be remaindered components from a Nascar garage, this chair and desk set certainly borders on ridiculous overkill… which signifies it’s right up our alley.

For instance, the F1 series office chair’s armrests are composed of embossed tire tread armrests and an adjustable racing shock hessler king sleigh suspension. A constructed in air pump also permits sitters to adjust the lumbar support level of the chairs Akira-esque leatherette backing, whilst a billet aluminum shift knob offers the solution of 4 ergonomic seating positions. Likewise, the rolling base of hessler king sleigh the chair is supported by an extra racing suspension spring, and options five 22″ style racing wheels.

Similarly, the Grand piece bedroom set Prix office desk functions a racing style spoiler tray, topped by tempered glass. The structure is also comprised of stainless steel braided hoses with duel 13 chrome metal shocks for lateral assistance, although piece bedroom set much more 22″ style lockable racing wheels which permits the desk to be rolled should one need to have to re arrange its position in a area.

Costing a combined $1,250 for the set, only devoted car or truck nuts really should consider adding this to their property office. That is, unless your name is Richie Rich.

Expense: $1,250

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