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Wolverine’s new 1000 Mile Boot Collection is a sight to behold. Drawing on 125 years of history, the collection attributes Horween leathers, bak standard bed stacked leather outsoles, Vibram soles, Goodyear welt building, and Made in the USA goodness. That’s a roster robust enough to turn even the most committed Sneaker Head. The cornerstone of Wolverine’s collection is the 1000 Mile Boot. Primarily based closely on original Wolverines of the early 20th century, it seems to have time traveled from the foot of one particular of these fine gentleman to us. The 1000 Mile Boot has all the same impressive building as the rest of the line, but a basic aesthetic that leaves its competition in the dust.

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As for the name, it comes from vintage Wolverine advertising purporting their boots to “last a 1000 miles”. When we got lucky adequate to tie on a pair of Rust 1000 Mile Boots we figured wearing the hell out of them was the ideal way to demo them when honoring the heritage. In that spirit, we’ve submitted them to family parties, job interviews, snow, sleet, rain, public transportation, bak standard bed 14 hour days on our feet, dates, and sporting events. Along the way we were impressed at how promptly the uppers formed to our feet, and the soles became comfortable, enabling them to be worn for extended periods of time with extremely little discomfort.

The 1000 Mile’s appearance is an exercise in simplicity and, as such, requires small description, but the boots pair perfectly with wardrobe staples like jeans and khakis and could even pass with the proper suit. The most surprising point we identified about the 1000 Mile Boot is how substantially consideration they garnered each and every time we wore them an individual complimented them and asked what they had been. Some folks may balk at the $325 value tag, but that’s no a lot more than a handmade pair of dress footwear expenses from Charlton Home the likes of Allen Edmonds or Alden. And, when it comes down to it, that’s what the 1000 Mile’s are – a fine pair of footwear, not just boots. Care for the leather correct and get them resoled a few occasions and you’ll surpass 1000 miles very easily. 

Cost: $325

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