45′ Outdoor 15 – Bulb Standard String Light Freeport Park


You’re searching at 1 of the most technologically refined snowboards on earth, the Burton Vapor. A bulbs standard string board that supplies you extraordinary manage on all terrains. It weighs one particular pound significantly less than any other Burton standard string light board by eliminating unnecessary components and aerospace components in it’s construction. The ultra-light board options:

  • Vaportech&trade Construction
  • NEW Sintered N20 WFO Base
  • Vaportech Freeport Park Alumafly&trade Core
  • Multizone EGD&trade
  • NEW Vaporskin Carbon&trade&emdashDrops Weight, Adds Snap
  • Infinite Ride&reg
  • Stainless Steel Stress Distribution Edges
  • Pro-Tip&trade
  • Adverse Core Profile

What this signifies to you: Ultra Light. Ultra manage.

$1000 @ Shred Shop

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