18″ Fabric Hydrangea Wreath Ophelia & Co.


Sony is late to the game with their digital picture frames, but they’ve brought out a lot of stops with their new lineup including red-eye correction working with face recognition, exposure adjustment, fabric hydrangea wreath scaling and display of (up to) 48 megapixels, Bluetooth adaptor compatibility for wireless transferring of pictures from your computer or telephone and an HDMI output. Memory capacity ranges from 256mb to 512mb depending on the model.

The 15:9 aspect ratio screens on these frames can scale and show images up to 48 megapixels in size and has 10 unique slide show variations, calendar views and two index displays.

The signature all-business enterprise appear from Sony will make this frame great for your household or workplace and it’s capacity to handle transferring of all image kinds directly by means of the memory card reader or USB port with out a laptop Ophelia & Co. makes it a excellent no-strings attached present.

What this indicates to you: A best addition for your digital life style. Just stay away from loading all the memory with images of oneself unless you’re one of the Gear Girls.

Price: $140-$250 @ Sony Style [Readily available March]

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